Introducing the Huntsville Community Theatre with pride! Through philanthropy and community support, Huntsville Texas is blessed with the opportunity to view LIVE COMMUNITY PRODUCTIONS all created from love, talent, unity, donated strengths and the hearts and time of many.

It is my honor today to interview KATHRYN KEUPER, VP of Publicity for Huntsville Community Theatre.

October 19, 2010Kathryn Keuper

Hello Kathryn, if I may I would like to ask you a few questions about your position on the board?

Great Debra!

Kathryn, what is it that you do for the theatre? 

I am VP of Publicity for Huntsville Community Theatre. I notify all media outlets of our auditions & promote our productions through radio interviews, newspapers ad, Facebook, website & flyer distribution.

How long has the community theatre been active?

We have been active since 1988. Some of our board members were on the original board & have fluctuated "in & out" periodically through the years, depending on family commitments. Others of the original board still do volunteer work for us so, everyone is very dedicated to providing support to the talents & skill of our theater community. I have been on the board since December of last year.

Is it directly affiliated with Sam Houston State University? 

We are not directly affiliated with Sam Houston State University but, we communicate & support each other. In fact, we will get some of our actors from the drama department from SHSU at their recommendation. They only have a certain amount of roles to fill so, they suggested to their other students to participate in community theater. It's great! Our "Tom Robinson" for our last production "To Kill A Mockingbird" is a SHSU Student. I see the professors at the productions & some of our board members (being SHSU alumni) are also season ticket holders for SHSU productions. We have learned over the years that when one of us succeeds, we ALL succeed.

How many productions are there in any given year?

We have about 6 productions a year. Our season starts in the fall & our first production for 2010- 2011 was "To Kill A Mockingbird".

Who organizes this and Who directs the plays? 

The board organizes this and directors submit options that we choose for our year. In the next few months, we will be advertising for directors & producers for our next season. It is a big undertaking! Members of our board read tons of scripts to make thier decisions. 

How do you cast the plays? And, who makes the decision for the casting?

We cast through auditions just like other theaters. We have a cast list from past productions that we email then we issue flyers, radio & newspaper articles for community participation. Casting decisions are made by the director. Production Lia son (a board member) will help with getting community members to audition. They can be... shy sometimes. :) 

Must you live in Huntsville to participate?

You can live anywhere in the surrounding area to participate. Those who are passionate about being involved will make the drive.

When will the next castings take place and what will your next production be?

The next casting call will be around the end of December or the beginning of January for our spring production of "Love Letter" & "Hate Mail".

Our next production is already in rehearsals, "Sander's Family: "Homecoming" will premier November 5th at First Christian Church in Huntsville, TX. This production is the last installment of the trilogy plays we have performed over the last few years. Audiences love this "family" & the bluegrass music they perform. The cast is the same with the addition of two other performers. It is after WWII in a Kentucky church & instead of recreating a "sanctuary" in our playhouse, Old Town Theater we were offered the First Christian Church by their patrons. Just another example of the community involvement here in Huntsville.

I want to thank Kathryn for allowing me this interview.  

I also want to thank Huntsville and its wonderful community that I am so proud to be a part of. and of course The Huntsville Community Theatre.
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