How Can We Help You?
How Can We Help You?

We are licensed to do business in ALL OF TEXAS. Although, we have always believed that it's better to know a lot about a little, than it is to know a little about a lot!! Our areas of specialty include Lake Livingston, Walker, Polk, Trinity, San Jacinto Counties. Lake Livingston homes whether they are just in the area or right on the water are selling quickly. They just aren't making any more waterfront! We simply enjoy selling houses. Elkins Lake is yet another prime lake area. The homes are big and beautiful. Elkins Lake offers quick trips to shopping, swimming, tennis, golf, and fine dining. Contact us today for your tour of the area!

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Up to $250,000

$250,000 to $500,000

$500,000 and Up

Lake Conroe Waterfronts

Lake Conroe is a beautiful lake that is located between Houston and Huntsville. For folks that want to be able to commute to work, and still feel like they are getting away to the lake from the city, this is your solution.

Lake Conroe is approximately 22,000 acres set amidst the rolling hills and pine trees of Montgomery County.

There is ample shopping and dining within 15 minutes. Sam Houston State University is 30 minutes to the north in Huntsville.

You can have it all! Check it out.

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Up to $500,000

$500,000 to $1Million

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